What Is Gestational Diabetes? – Symptoms, Signs, Treatment And Causes

What is gestational diabetes
Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes

When women get pregnant they undergo unusual activities inside their bodies which begins with the stoppage of the menstruating cycle which would otherwise be a regular monthly occurrence.

The growing fetus would start feeding on the body of his or her mother and that would take a heavy toll on the pregnant woman.

She needs to be apprised that whatever food she eats also ensures the fetus is nourished hence a heavy burden lies on the mother’s shoulders to ensure that she takes in the right nourishment and feeding the growing fetus too.

It is only when the mother is well nourished that the baby would grow healthy and strong.

The consumption of nourishing food coupled with other issues taking place in the pregnant woman’s body causes her blood sugar levels to increase alarmingly.

This is what is referred to as Gestational diabetes which would occur only in pregnant women.

The blood sugar levels would rise to these alarming levels only during pregnancy where otherwise she would have been perfectly normal.

After the confinement or once the baby is born the woman’s body would return to normal but there are chances that she could contract type 2 diabetes.

Some women have been diagnosed with it and have carried the effects of gestational diabetes during pregnancy to encompass their later life.


The placenta during pregnancy produces many hormones to ensure that the body is well nourished, which in turn cause the blood sugar levels in the body to rise sharply.

This rise in blood sugar especially because it is diagnosed during the pregnancy of the women is called Gestational diabetes.

Gestational diabetes occurs only when women are pregnant and would stop when the baby is delivered.

If the blood sugar levels remain high even after delivery of the baby then it would be diagnosed as type 2 diabetes.

Studies have shown that between 2% to 10% of pregnant women who had been suffering or had the following issues would be very likely the causes of them contracting Gestational diabetes.

Gestational Diabetes
Gestational Diabetes
  1. Prior to their pregnancy, they were overweight with their BMI high
  2. Are of Asian, Native American, African-American or Hispanic
  3. Had a history of high blood sugar levels but not exceeding the accepted national levels to be classified as diabetic
  4. Parents and other close family members have, had or are diabetic
  5. Contracted Gestational diabetes during an earlier pregnancy
  6. Suffers from high or low blood pressure
  7. Vulnerable to other diseases or have had medical complications
  8. Delivered an overweight baby before (about 9 pounds or above)
  9. Delivered a stillborn baby or one with birth defects

If a woman has had any of the above conditions it would be very likely that she would contract Gestational diabetes once she conceives again hence it would be advisable for such women to consult a doctor prior to the planning of having another baby.

Procuring medical advice prior to getting pregnant would not generally avoid contracting Gestational diabetes but doing so could control the problem as she would have better chances of ensuring the baby is born healthy and no complications occur to both the mother and baby.


It is very likely that women would contract Gestational diabetes during the second trimester of their pregnancy when they are very vulnerable to do so.

The second trimester would be any time during the 14th week and the 28th week of the pregnancy and if the woman has had the above issues then it is very likely that she would be diagnosed with Gestational diabetes.

If the woman had consulted the doctor prior to her pregnancy because she had the above complications the doctor would have placed her on a watch list and tested her regularly and advised her on the best course of action to control the condition.

If the woman had not done so then it is imperative that she does so as soon as she is aware that she is pregnant and discusses the issue with her doctor so that corrective measures could be taken to arrest the situation and to control Gestational diabetes when it occurs or controlling it from not afflicting the woman.

Testing for the blood sugar levels regularly by drinking a high sugar laced drink and testing after an hour would provide sufficient evidence if the pregnant woman has Gestational diabetes.

Gestational diabetes symptoms
Gestational Diabetes

The other would be to refrain from consuming any food for a period of 10 hours especially after the last meal before bedtime and checking the blood sugar levels after waking up, this would give a strong indication whether the pregnant woman has Gestational diabetes or not.

Gestational diabetes could be classified as a silent disease and a woman who is pregnant may not know that she has been afflicted with it unless a test is done which all doctors would do like a routine with all.

Prior to testing for Gestational diabetes in pregnant women which is very unlikely as it is a routine test. If the issue is aggravated, she would feel the following.

  1. Feel very thirty always
  2. Always hungry and consume more food than normal
  3. An unusual passing of urine


Women who have Gestational diabetes would be placed on a very strict diet to ensure that she controls the condition and also initiating optimum nourishment to ensure it is delivered to the mother and the growing fetus.

Medication may not be administered but controlling Gestational diabetes would be primarily limited to a very strict diet and exercise.

This would depend on the pregnant woman’s health prior to being impregnated hence it is imperative that women who intend to have a baby consult their doctor or healthcare provider before embarking on the pregnancy to ensure a safe pregnancy is experienced and a healthy baby is born without any complications.

If they do so it would be best for them and their baby as the right environment would be created by her health care provider and doctor to ensure a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby is born.


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