Real Weight Loss Success Stories

Weight loss success stories
successful journey of weight loss

Once you have gained excessive weight there rings a bell to your mind that, it’s time to start doing some changes in your diet and lifestyle in order to get back in shape.

It is true that change of diet and workout can help you reduce weight. But to be honest, the progress or level of you losing weight is varied from person to person.

Therefore, relying only on one particular method only in order to lose weight is not enough. Below are some real weight loss success stories of great women who lose weight in a different method.

More from IngridRinck

Ingrid had gained around 100 pounds after giving birth to her third child. Thereafter she had no control over the rise of her weight.

She did not bother to boycott her daily intake of three meals instead she added more proteins, healthy days, carbs and lots of vegetables and starting enjoying her three meals by looking at it as a source of energy.

After three dearly months of continuing this routine of nutrition, Ingrid had finally been successful enough to lose 40 pounds. You will be able to get more information about Ingrid if you discover personal trainer Cameron’s super foods.

She said that she also felt re-energized and fresh as her levels of stamina were very high too. By the time of 8 months, Ingrid was, fortunately, able to lose all the excessive weight of 100 pounds gained.

She was back in shape and was able to fit in all her clothes which she wore before.

Weight loss stories
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Look at Whitney DePasquale

Whitney too who had gained a big amount of excess weight was brave enough to join a kickboxing gym and start working out daily for 30 minutes.

She had completely kept away from all the junk food and added extra proteins and carbs to her diet and continued investing 30 minutes for herself daily.

Whitney has managed to lose 90 pounds from her current weight and says that she would continue to give herself that 30 minutes work out session as it helped her to spend more time playing with her kids.

Shantae Johnson the fitness model

Shantae has always had a dream of looking like a fitness model. It was indeed a good goal to strive towards losing weight.

She started working hard to achieve her goal and got herself trained under a fitness trainer by working out for five to six days a week.

She also began to concentrate more on adding extra nutrition to her diet and eating much more clean intakes. Shantae was able to go from 150 pounds to 120 pounds in just 4 months of regular hard work.

Proudly Shantae also got the opportunity to compete in a fitness contest and was placed third in the fitness competition.

Let’s learn from Tiffany Erin Humphries

Like any other women who continuously gain weight without control, Tiffany too was lead a very miserable life by looking at her just gaining weight throughout.

Tiffany wanted to love live longer and watch her little daughter grow old which made her began to set up strategies and jogging schedules.

By commuting herself to job 5 kilometers daily have given her a gift of weight loss of 102 pounds.

Tiffany further stated that she is enjoying life a lot more than before and hopes to maintain this same lifestyle.

Audrey McLaughlin

She was an athletic nurse who started gaining weight due to several reasons. She knew it was high time she changes changed her lifestyle and work on losing weight.

She says that she had all three meals by not limiting them up to only a particular time. But whenever she felt she wanted to eat she had them.

Meals in small intakes is what has helped Audrey to lose weight and start living herself once again.

Weight loss transformation stories
Weight loss

The busy Chelsea Bauman

This busy mom of two had to find a new workout schedule to be practiced whenever she was free conveniently.

She joined fitness which was a fitness service and started practicing workouts for just five minutes a day.

Soon she was able to lose 18 pounds in just 3 months and also stated that starting with confidence is the main key to losing weight.

Beautiful Jennifer Ginley

Jennifer was not in an attractive shape for her graduation and not even for a marriage proposal.

She knew she was in bad shape in order to give her present husband a yes, which motivated her to start thinking of losing weight.

She soon started to join a healthy eating food programme called slimming world which helped her maintain a healthy diet.

She also maintained a good diary which she says that it too helped her a lot.

Now you have a clear understanding of how some of the most prominent figures out there in the world lost weight. Their stories are inspirational.

You can also think about following their stories and achieving your weight loss goals. With that, you will be provided with the opportunity to lose weight in a convenient and a hassle-free manner.

You can check where you are struggling and then get started with the weight loss goals.

With that, it will be possible for you to kick off the weight loss activities and end up with success stories, just like the ones we went through.


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