Vaginal Yeast Infection During Pregnancy – Symptoms, Treatment, Causes

Yeast infection during pregnancy
YEAST INFECTIONS DURING PREGNANCY – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

An insight into Yeast Infection

When a woman is impregnated her body undergoes many changes of which some are common to a majority of women whilst some could be specific to certain individuals.

Whatever they are it is imperative that they are all investigated and treated, for which the pregnant woman’s health care provider would be the best source of advice.

If the issues are beyond the latter’s perspective then medical help would need to be sought to treat the condition.

A common issue most pregnant women would experience is yeast infection during pregnancy, which could occur and recur from time to time which would need to be treated and ensured there are no recurrences during the period of pregnancy.

Yeast infections could generally occur during the second trimester which is through weeks 14 to 26 of the pregnancy.

The chances of contracting yeast infections could increase when women get pregnant more than at any other time in their lives.

Though yeast infections during pregnancy would not have any adverse or negative issues with the pregnancy itself, it is imperative that medical advice is sought and treatment administered as it is a very uncomfortable occurrence.

Causes of Yeast Infection during pregnancy

The vagina of a woman has certain levels of yeast and acid which are balanced in its natural form but when there is an imbalance between the two the yeast level would increase and what we refer to as a yeast infection occurs.

The quantum of yeast increases to uncontrollable levels which is not a serious condition especially pertaining to the pregnancy itself but could be quite an uncomfortable experience to her.

If a woman has never been diagnosed or treated for yeast infection but symptoms associated with such a condition are detected it is imperative that medical attention is sought as it could be related to some other disease which could be dangerous.

Some of these diseases could have the same symptoms hence arriving at the right diagnosis is imperative especially when treating pregnant women.

How to get rid of a yeast infection while pregnant
YEAST INFECTIONS DURING PREGNANCY – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

There is also the issue of treating pregnant women with certain drugs especially antibiotics hence a proper diagnosis is advisable and appropriate medication administered.

The causes of yeast infections could be many and may be related to one or more of the following issues.

  1. Changes in hormone levels during menstruation or pregnancy
  2. Consuming birth control pills or hormone medication
  3. Being administered with steroids or antibiotics
  4. High blood sugar levels or diabetes
  5. Sexual vaginal intercourse
  6. Blood or semen
  7. Douching

Symptoms of Yeast Infection

The symptoms associated with yeast infections could also be similar to some other diseases hence when the following symptoms are detected it is advisable to seek medical attention and diagnose the reason and take the right medication.

  • White or tan colored discharge from the vagina which would be thick in texture and would smell like putrid yeast or bread.
  • Some women may have a yellowish or greenish discharge with similar texture and smell.
  • Continuous and increase in the amount of discharge from the vagina.
  • The lips of the vagina could redden, itch or cause irritation.
  • Experiencing a hot burning sensation, during vaginal intercourse, or when passing urine.

Related symptoms to other diseases

The reasons that women should take immediate action when they experience the above symptoms are because it could be related to or caused by other more complicated and dangerous diseases.

Women need to keep a close watch on their overall health when they become pregnant because it causes many changes to take place in their bodies.

Any unusual activity around the vagina should be immediately discussed with the designated health care provider who would be experienced to give the appropriate advice or take it further by seeking medical attention.

The same symptoms that a woman would experience which would be similar to yeast infections could also be due to the following more complicated issues.

  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STD)
  • Vaginal infections also referred to as Bacterial Vaginosis or BV

The above two especially STD could be an alarming issue especially during pregnancy which could affect the fetus too and would need immediate medical attention to be sought and treated.

The second which is BV could be treated with antibiotics but not when a woman is pregnant.

Other simple remedies for BV are available which would be safer with pregnant women.

Being positive about Yeast Infection

A thorough examination of the vagina by a doctor could easily diagnose the issue of a yeast infection which could also be determined with a simple swab of the discharge being screened under a microscope in the laboratory.

If anything serious is suspected then the culture would be sent for a detailed diagnosis.

How to treat a yeast infection when pregnant
YEAST INFECTIONS DURING PREGNANCY – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Treating Yeast Infection during pregnancy

Vaginal creams and suppositories are the safest treatment for yeast infections during pregnancy where no issues would be created, unlike oral medication which is still to be found safe and is not a treatment that most professionals would administer.

If a woman is pregnant then it is imperative that professional medical advice is sought before any medication is administered.

If yeast infections are not treated in women who are pregnant it could affect the baby’s mouth which is referred to as thrush and would need to be treated.

After treatment is administered it could take up to two weeks to arrest the situation and the woman to stop the discharge from occurring.

Preventing Yeast Infection and controlling recurrence

It is advisable to use an appropriate starchless drying powder or some other recommended medication to ensure no recurrence occurs.


It would also help if women always and especially when pregnant follow a very clean discipline to ensure that they do not contract yeast infections or other diseases that are caused mainly due to being unclean.

  1. Wear breathable and loose clothing especially clean cotton underwear
  2. Wash your genital area as frequently as possible and thoroughly dry it with a blow dry or by wiping with a tissue
  3. Use toilet paper from front to back
  4. Shower after a swim
  5. Shower as soon as you get home from work or after being out in the Sun


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